Growing out of and extending my PhD study, most of the work I am doing in the UK is making use of participatory video techniques to explore health and well being Migrants in the North West. I began in 2007 working with a group of French speaking African refugees and asylum seekers through Salford Refugee Link. The group have produced a number of films about their experiences of life in the UK to date.


Salford Refugee Link Films

  1. 1.My Life in The UK

  2. 2.Two Friends

  3. 3.Refugees and Paracetamol

  4. 4.Refugee Lives (2008)

Migrant Health Experiences

Cumbria Multicultural Women’s Network

Alien Films is a the name chosen by a group of women form the Cumbria Multicultural Women’s Network as they develop their film making skills. The women originate form many different countries and most live in the coastal towns of Barrow and Ulverston in South Cumbria.

The films below were made during three days of workshops in April 2008.

  1. 1.Away from Home

  2. 2.A Tale of Migrant Mothers

  3. 3.My Homeland

Moving Images

Community Arts North West funded a series of video skills workshops for refugees and asylum seekers in the Salford area.  The films are available here.


Who Am I?

We are working with Indian Arts and Dance group Upasana, on projects that combine video, photography and dance to explore South Indian cultural heritage as  represented and expressed through classical Indian art forms. The project will also explore the impact of migration on cultural exchange between parents and children inn the south indian community.

The first film form the project, Who am I? looks at parents views about self and cultural identity, the impact of migration and the role of parents in sustaining cultural values.