Visible Voice


Visible Voice is an international network of researchers, community groups and activists with an interest in using visual media for collaborative research and community development. We make use of the transformative potential of participatory video and photography to research and support community actions aiming to improve the quality of everyday life, health and well being in partner communities.

Visible Voice is a global Collaborative Visual Ethnography initiative. Our aim is to engage with communities around the world using visual media, local and international exhibitions and online networking to share experiences and understandings, raise issues and concerns and to engage in a rich dialogue through visual activism for social change for a better world.

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Where are our visitors?

The Visible Voice/Values Exchange Community

Visible Voice is now linked to the Values Exchange (VX), a unique online community resource that allows people to share their ideas and explore values and community issues through the use of simple polls, cases study responses and surveys and interactive. We invite you to join us in an online, international community dialogue about visual activism, social change, and collaborative approaches to research, learning and teaching.  registration on our VX Community. It’s free for registered users and you can use the site to conduct your own polls, surveys to support community discussions on social issues. For more information on the Visible Voice VX Community and to register as a participant contributor to this network click

We also have a Facebook page where you can contribute by adding your own images and ideas about Collaborative Visual Ethnography.