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The films and many of the photographs in the galleries are all from Visible Voice projects in Brazil, Kyrgyzstan and the UK. Films were devised, filmed and edited by project participants with technical support from Visible Voice. The films and galleries were screened at community meetings and the issues raised discussed by the wider community. these films and photographs are part of an ongoing strategy of developing local Visual Activism in the communities that we work with around the world. please feel free to email your comments about the films and images by clicking on the link below


Kyrgyzstan 2006

  1. 1.Health in a Mountain Village

  2. 2.Mountainous Tolok

  3. 3.Everyday Life in Our Kyrgyz Village

  4. 4.Livestock Breeding

  5. 5.Traditional Kyrgyz Music from Kokjar

Salford Refugee Link

  1. 1.My Life in The UK

  2. 2.Two Friends

  3. 3.Refugees and Paracetamol

  4. 4.Refugee Lives (2008)

Kyrgyzstan 2008

1. Desolation Road

  1. 2.Mountainous Initiatives

  2. 3.Livestock and Pastures

  3. 4.Kalmak Pass

  4. 5.Kokjar Village Projects

Alien Films 2008

(Cumbria Multi Cultural Women’s Network)

  1. 1.Away from Home

  2. 2.A Tale of Migrant Mothers

  3. 3.My Homeland

  4. 4.Reflections

Visible Voices Changing Lives

Moving Images 2009

  1. 1.A Better Life

  2. 2.Lost

  3. 3.It’s a Hard Knock Life

  4. 4.My Bag

  5. 5.Food and Culture

Kyrgyzstan 2009

  1. 1.Women of Taragay (Karakolka)

  2. 2.Social Problems (Eki Naryn)

Representing Ourselves

Romania 2010

Rough edits from forthcoming documentary

  1. 1.Roma Family 1

  2. 2.Roma Family 2

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