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Visible Voice is an international network of researchers, community groups and activists with an interest in using visual media for collaborative research and community development. We make use of the transformative potential of participatory video and photography to research and support community actions aiming to improve the quality of everyday life, health and well being in partner communities. Our aim is to engage with communities around the world using visual media, local and international exhibitions and online networking to share experiences and understandings, raise issues and concerns and to engage in a rich dialogue through visual activism for social change for a better world. We believe that sharing small parts of our lives through visual narratives and exhibitions we open up a dialogue that will enrich lives and empower people to make and demand changes at local and global levels.

Our direct work with communities is complemented by online sharing of values and ideas through the Visible Voice Values Exchange (VXCommunity) portal supporting collaborative decision making and sharing of views on local and global issues. Registration is free and users can post their own ideas, create groups, share materials, set up dynamic cases, surveys and engage in discussion forums.

Shared World Music is a new collaborative documentary project exploring creativity, music creation and performance. The project brings together songwriters and performers to share ideas and experiences through collaborative development of a documentary film about music, creativity and performance. The project is now underway in Manchester.

In the first phase of the project each each participant contributes two original songs and a short interview about their work. The first performance videos are now available here, on the Collaborative Visual Ethnography.and Shared World Music Facebook pages and on Vimeo.

You can also listen to some of my own original music and join my music mailing list by clicking on the links below.