How to cheat the slot machines


Not only newcomers, but also gamers with experience often wonder if you can cheat the slot machines. Recall that all the slots operate on the basis of random number generators. On this basis, to cheat the machine is impossible. On the screen every second are built hundreds of combinations and guests are not able to react instantly to them. However, increase the chances of winning is quite real.

Rules that will help bring your winnings closer:

Play recommend the casino, carrying out its activities under the official license. Choosing the site for the game, read the reviews of professional players and familiarize yourself with the rules of the club. Pay attention to the ways of registration and options for making a deposit. Familiarize yourself with the terms of the loyalty program and the terms of obtaining winnings.

s it possible to beat the slots honestly

Beating the slots without interference in their software does not work. This is a "gray" scheme. Such action is strictly punishable! To change the settings of the slot machine you need to break its firmware and get into the system board, and then replace the desired flash module with a module with a bug. However, there are other methods of dishonest influence on the slot. The network is full of similar proposals. Let us remind you once again, these actions are strictly punishable! It is worth using them or not - you decide.

A little history

How to cheat slot machines

The first man who declared war on the "one-armed" bandits, was the American Dennis Nickrash. Playing in a machine, he ran him a drilled coin on a string. As soon as the machine started working actively, the player would pull out his coin. Dennis managed to earn more than 250 thousand dollars on this trick. At this the cheater did not stop, and began to think up new methods of deception. He was looking for faulty machines, calculated the features of their work and cleverly used this.

Over time, Nikrash needed helpers, because his face was too recognizable in the casino. The American formed a whole team. His accomplices carefully studied the "terrain" (the casino) and looked for potential victims. As a rule, they were machines that stood alone in remote places. Nikrash would then open up the machines, digging around in the guts, setting them up for the jackpot. His actions were extremely precise and quick. Dennis had a specially purchased machine at home to hone his skills. After "adjustments" the machine quickly gave out the jackpot. Nikrash's accomplice played on the faulty slot. In this way, the American received millions of dollars and was infinitely happy about it. The result surpassed all his expectations.

Tips and Tricks

Choosing slots, pay attention to the following machines. Using their features, it is much easier to win cash prizes here.

Of course, these tips do not guarantee you the jackpot. But using them, you can get real cash prizes, while it is not straining.

In summary, let us remind you that all the slots work on the basis of the GSF. Regular checking of their work allows you to detect bugs and correct errors. Recommendations, given in the article, will increase the chances of cash winnings and help you get the most out of the game.